I use data analysis and market research to understand what’s really going on so you can make change happen.

Susie is a consummate professional with the rare ability to quickly become a trusted team member. Any serious attempt to understand customer/audience behaviour would benefit from her involvement

Professor Paul S Williams, CEO, Bible Society

Susie is the only person we turn to when we need top-quality survey and analysis work… I would describe working with Susie as “maximum skill, minimum fuss”

Casper Harratt, Director of Marketing, Blackbaud

Working with Susie is a delight. She is meticulous, thoughtful, dedicated and has real insight into how charities can measure their impact.

Joe Saxton, Driver of Ideas, nfpSynergy

Susie took the brief and expanded its scope to deliver a piece of strategic research that provided a springboard of growth for the client.

Andy Grout, Director, Oxford Research

Susie Mullan at work

How I work…

I am a freelance data analyst and market researcher.

I help organisations understand their customers, supporters and their employees.

I work independently on ad-hoc research and analysis projects and I work with organisations who need expertise on a short-term basis. 

What I think…

I try to write a short blog regularly to keep me focussed on progress and not just projects. I write about the work I’m doing, what I’m learning and anything I’ve found interesting or useful.