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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

January 2023

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A client I’ve worked with before wanted me to repeat their customer satisfaction survey. The previous year the results had been instrumental in shaping their marketing strategy. This year they want to repeat the survey (for NPS) and understand a bit more about their customers. The client is in the computer game industry and they have a fragmented offering – they were particularly keen to understand if their customers were aware of the broad range of products and services they offer.
I worked with the client to develop a questionnaire that would answer their research questions while also (wherever possible) enable them to compare this year’s results with last. The survey was scripted using GetFeedback (a first for me) and the client managed the e-mails. We had a great response rate (77%) and we learnt some interesting stuff.

Insights & Outcome

Customers are satisfied (the biggest customers are more satisfied than they were last year). While awareness of the core product offering is good (over 85%) awareness of the entire offering is not as strong, even among their biggest customers. This was not a surprise to my client but it has given them facts to justify awareness building activity.

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