Status of UK Fundraising Report

July 2022
For the last 5 blackbaud have commissioned me to do the research for their annual Status of UK Fundraising report.

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Blackbaud produce an annual Status of UK Fundraising Report which just happens to be their most downloaded piece of content (over 2000 times a year!). Every year since 2019 I have completed the research and analysis for the report. This is how we do it:
Each year, after discussions with the Blackbaud team, I design and script a questionnaire which is part-tracker, part ad-hoc. The tracker element repeats a bank of questions we ask every year, this allows us to report trends over time on metrics such as growth, performance against targets and the challenges faced by the sector. The ad-hoc element is structured to obtain in-depth insight into specific areas of interest for the sector and for Blackbaud. In 2019 we used this section to focus on the impact of GDPR as the charity sector was particularly impacted by new legislation and to understand diversity in the sector; in 2020 we examined the early impact of the pandemic and, in 2021 we focused on digital transformation in the sector. When the results are in I provide in-depth analysis and year on year reporting. Louise at Blackbaud works her journalistic magic and turns my insights into a stunning, informative and much anticipated annual report for the charity sector.

Insights & Outcome

As well as providing insight for the sector the report allows Blackbaud to start conversations with customers and potential customers, it informs their content strategy and provides an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the not for profit sector. This year I’ll be sharing the findings of the 2022 Status of UK Fundraising report with Louise at Blackbaud’s annual conference in October.

What the client said...

Working with Susie is a dream. She will often go over and above to ensure the whole team is happy with her work, offering additional sessions to explain analysis in detail, making herself available for any further questions and generally adding value to whatever she works on. We are very lucky to work with her, and I am grateful to have found such reliable, hard-working and well-informed partner to work with.

Louise Sparks, Blackbaud

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