Segmenting conservative voters

May 2023

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The Fairness Foundation wanted to use their National Wealth Surplus research to understand what 2019 Conservative voters thought about wealth inequality.
The Fairness Foundation had commissioned a nationally representative survey to examine attitudes to wealth inequality. Their initial findings showed that Conservative voters were less concerned than Labour voters about wealth inequality but they wanted to understand the variation within the overall conservative sample. I partnered with David Dipple, a statistician, to analyse the data in detail. We completed multiple correspondence maps to identify the set of variables that appeared to divide the overall conservative voter base and then ran a factor analysis on these variables to identify groups of conservative voters with different attitudes to wealth inequality.

Insights & Outcome

There are three groups of conservative voters:

1) Principled Objectors (57%) who worry about people not having equal opportunities to accumulate wealth and about the unequal distribution of wealth.
2) Frustrated Meritocrats (21%) who believe ordinary working people do not get a fair share of the nation’s wealth.
3) Pragmatic Consequentialists (22%) who are not particularly concerned with wealth inequality but concerned about the influence the wealthy have on our systems.

Click here for the full report on the Fairness Foundation website

What the client said...

Susie and David were a breath of fresh air to work with. They understood the brief completely – better than I did – and were able to produce some incredibly insightful and powerful analysis, extremely quickly. What I really appreciated was their ability to explain and communicate the complicated technical aspects of the analysis in ways that made it easy for me, as a non-specialist client, to talk about it to my audiences with confidence and to make the best use of it. I highly recommend working with them.

The Fairness Foundation

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