Dog looking confused

High fiving the dog

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Today I LOVE my job (for full disclosure, I didn’t love it yesterday).

At the moment I feel like I’m rushing to get stuff done and doing battle with an ever lengthening to do list.

But, I’ve just taken a moment to stand up, congratulate myself and high five the dog all because the results of a key driver analysis reminded me of how powerful insight can be.

In this case, the results of a fairly straightforward analysis will help the client identify two key areas for improvement (at a specific point in their customer’s interactions with them). Low sample verbatim collected over time indicated these areas were issues but now we have concrete data to enable change and improve the overall customer experience.

So today, unlike yesterday, is a good day!

Not sure how the dog felt about the high five…

Want to know more about Key Driver Analysis – check out this post.

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